Mark Tadford, the esteemed principal teacher of MDS, brings a wealth of expertise and a remarkable journey spanning over 30 years in the world of dance. His passion for dance began with training under the esteemed AIDT (Associated Dance Teachers) and later led him to establish the innovative RhythMETHOD DanceCONNECTIVE syllabus and examining body.

Mark’s vision extends beyond teaching technique; he is dedicated to enhancing the artistic relevance of dance while preserving the rich historical structure of tap and jazz dance forms. His commitment to maintaining the integrity of these dance styles shines through in his teaching approach.

What sets Mark apart is not only his expertise in dance but also his strong ethical and moral principles. He approaches both his personal and professional life with integrity and compassion, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for his students. Mark’s holistic approach to dance education goes beyond physical technique, instilling valuable life lessons and fostering personal growth.

With Mark at the helm, MDS offers a unique opportunity for aspiring dancers to learn from a seasoned professional who values artistry, tradition, and integrity. Join us today and embark on a dance journey that not only hones your skills but also shapes you into a well-rounded individual.

In addition to his extensive experience and accomplishments, Mark Tadford is renowned for his expertise in two distinct dance styles: the Horton technique and Tap dance.

Mark has dedicated significant time and effort to mastering the intricacies of the Horton technique, a modern dance technique created by the legendary Lester Horton. Known for its focus on strong, grounded movements and anatomical alignment, the Horton technique is a cornerstone of Mark’s dance repertoire. His in-depth understanding of this technique allows him to impart its unique principles and nuances to his students, enhancing their technical proficiency and artistry.

Furthermore, Mark’s passion for Tap dance is evident in his understanding of this rhythmic and energetic dance form. With his deep knowledge of Tap, he brings forth the rich history, intricate footwork, and dynamic rhythms that define this captivating style. Mark’s expertise in Tap enables him to nurture his students’ appreciation for the art form while fostering their creativity and musicality.